Measuring For an Awning

To correctly measure your caravan for an awning, you must measure from the ground to the awning rail, wrapping around to the top of the van, along the top and back down to the ground again. This is called the ‘A’ measurement, and is crucial to know as a too long or too short awning will not fit properly within the awning rail.

Although this information is often found in your owners manual, we would recommend that you measure the size yourself, as the manual you have may be a replacement and could be for a different year leading to a slightly different specification.

Measuring For a Porch Awning

When measuring for a porch awning, you need to measure the height from the ground to the top of your caravan and then the length of your caravan where the roof is relatively flat. Other measurements you might take in to account, to ensure a good fit, include:

The distance to, and size of any windows near your caravan’s door, so that your porch awning does not cover any of the window.

The width of your caravan’s door, and which way it opens, so that its opening is not hampered by the porch awning.

Measuring For a Caravan Cover

Measuring your caravan for a cover is different than measuring for an awning, as you do not attach it to the awning rail.

You simply measure your caravan from one end to the other at its longest point, not including the hitch frame.

Measuring For an Awning Enquiry