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Tradition lead acid batteries, which are the current standard, are heavy, can leak, and must be removed in the winter to prevent damage. Lithium Ion Batteries don’t suffer from this and generally have a much longer life span. The X20 and X30 batteries from PowerXtreme are much lighter, completely maintenance free, can be fully discharge (something that normally kills the standard batteries) and although the capacity may seem very low, they are actually able to produce a continuous current equal to 100A, enough for almost all motor movers.

Traditional leisure batteries are extremely heavy, can spill dangerous fluids, or have dangerous gasses and have to be taken out of the caravan in the winter to be constantly recharged. The PowerXtreme batteries are ultra lightweight batteries with extreme power that will never let you down. When compared to a similar lead-acid battery of 20 kg’s the PowerXtreme X30 weighs less than 3 bottles of water: 5.6 kg’s and can be used for the full 100% without being damaged or getting lazy. The battery comes with a built-in charger and is not only very light in weight but also compact, easy to carry and will fit perfectly in any battery compartment. Its lifespan is 3 to 4 times longer than that of a regular battery, you can call it a sound investment as for most people the battery will last the rest of their caravanning life. The PowerXtreme is suitable for every type of mover and the X30 can also be used as an on-board battery too.

We now have the X30 in stock, which is the one recommended for Motor Mover, as well as general caravanning use. It's priced at £369.99, and although this price may seem steep at first, it’s a wise investment when you consider the lifespan compared to a standard battery.

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