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  • An Awning isn't just a "tent on the side", it's and extension of the living area of your Touring Caravan or Motorhome, and could be just the thing you need to change a good holiday, in to an excellent one.

    If it's more space you're after, somewhere extra to sleep or just a place to keep the kids, an Awning is the perfect addition. Surprisingly, the concept of the Awning is a lot older then many think, and its history can be a quite interesting read.

  • Gas - 4.5kg Butane Cylinder


    An ideal solution for camping and caravanning.

  • Gas - 7kg Butane Cylinder


    An ideal solution for cooking and heating in your caravan.

  • Gas - 15kg Butane Cylinder


    A perfect choice to fuel your portable heater.

  • Gas - 3.9kg Propane Cylinder


    Our 3.9kg Propane gas bottle has a wide range of industrial uses and can also be used to fuel a range of DIY tools, including small industrial burners and blowtorches.

  • Gas - 5kg Patio Cylinder


    Ideal for table top patio heaters and small portable BBQs.

  • Gas - 6kg Propane Cylinder


    Our 6kg Propane gas bottle is an ideal solution for fuelling heating and cooking in your caravan, all year round.

  • Gas - Calor Lite


    Almost 50% lighter than the current Calor 6kg propane cylinder so it brings the nose weight of the caravan down.

    Due to a supplier issue, please call first to check these are in stock.

  • Gas - 13kg Propane Cylinder


    Our 13kg Propane gas bottle has a wide range of uses and are the perfect solution for heating and cooking for both touring and static caravans.

    Please note: This bottle does not fit standard BBQ clip on regulators.

  • Gas - 13kg Patio Cylinder


    Comes with innovative Gas Trac® indicator.

  • Gas - 19kg Propane Cylinder


    Used for heating and cooking in both touring and static caravans.