Winter Preparation

Preparing your touring caravan for the winter is a must. 

Firstly, and most importantly, drain the water system to prevent the sub-zero temperatures from freezing the pipes. Water expands when frozen and can easily split pipes (even metal ones), causing pumps to break internally and wreck water storage tanks leaving you with potentially expensive damage.

If you intend to leave your caravan for long periods, consider disconnecting or removing the battery (unless you have an alarm fitted). Completely draining a leisure battery can cause problems and may result in it no longer being able to hold its charge. Remember, even when not in use, a battery will discharge slowly over time, so keep it topped up by charging it regularly (once every two months or so) and make sure to store it in a warm place, not on a concrete floor. If you must leave the battery in the caravan, remember to isolate it from the 12v appliances and check its charge often - this will help prolong its life.

It's best to visit your caravan every so often to check things over: 

  • Open the windows to air it out and check for mould, which will only worsen over time if left. 
  • Empty the fridge and dry it completely, leaving the door slightly ajar, so it also airs out. 
  • Removing the cushions and bedding is also a good idea to prevent them from becoming damp with condensation and deter thieves.

Camco has a new product on the market, an anti-freeze item that you run through the water system just before the winter begins. It can be kept and used again the following year, and it will stop any pipes or taps from cracking - a great product considering a replacement tap can be as much as £70 plus.

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